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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A weighty issue

Wheather we are male/female, size 0 or size 20 we are never really happy with our weight, we try diets, surgery, weightloss pills, ect... but still no matter how much we lose or gain we are still not happy...why is this? i once lost weight and went down to a size 12 i have since then gained weight again and now a size 16 looking back on my photo's now I regret not sticking to the healthy eating plan, and exercise, i was healthy back then i had the right BMI for my height and weight yet still i wanted to lose more but iv'e failed..i was so caught up on losing more weight then when i tried i couldnt, so i gave up..well it was easier then trying to do more exercise or cut down even more on what i was eating, but now i'm miserable im fat again and along with that have health problems, yes i know some of you reading this will think size 16's not that big, but to me it is i have a huge belly i find it hard to fit in the clothes i want to, its depressing and whats more summers just around the corner, Bikini body... i think not...beach whale more like, i blame no one but myself though no one is forcing me to eat the food i do & i cant afford a gym membership at the moment but i could still walk or do other means of exercising but i don't. What about the people that exericse and eat healthy you look at them and think Wow! I want to be like them, i want to exercise and eat healthy, i want to go to the gym and work out, But what we don't realise is yes to us they may look perfect and healthy but still they are not happy with their body. Look at celebraties like Megan Fox, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Zac Effron, Robert Patterson, We think perfection..But i have read so many articles about them saying how much they dislike their bodies or how much they want to change it, why..because we are never satisfied. We could blame the media for this when we look at magazines or on the tv or internet they make us want to change ourselves be more like the celebraties, but if we look closer to home we are individuals we are own people we are not Megan Fox or Robert Patterson and we will never be them , we are special in our own ways and thats why we shouldn't hate ourselves so much and want to change ourselves we should be who we want to be weather people accept us or not for who we are. Don't change yourself for someone else do it for your own benifit so what if your size 20 or 0 as long as your healthy and its the size you feel most comfortable with then be that size!! we all know in the long run you will never be happy with the size you are but dont lose or gain weight for acceptance do it because you want to! i know no matter how much weight we gain or lose we will Never be happy long-term we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves..Just remember this no matter how bad you feel about yourselves there's always someone out there wishing to be just like you!!! :) x :)

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