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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dispatches- Secret NHS diaries

I have just watched an episode of dispatches called the secret NHS diaries aires on monday 28th febuary 2011. I am extremely saddened by the three cases included in the programme that were secretly recorded by the patience who were near their end of life. There was ken who recieved appalling care whilst in hospital the nurses took no notice of him half the time and showed no compassion for his needs. Ken was unable to swallow properly due to his parkinson's disease however the nurses on dutie did not notice this or ignored this and tried forcing the medication on him he was very distressed as you can see in the film, the way ken was spoken to was terrible and you can see how concerned his family were unfortuantley Ken died of parkinsons and pneumonia.

The next case was harry who's wish was to die at home with his wife, throughout the whole programme you can see how much struggle and effort it was to recieve the care harry needed in order to be pain-free. The programme showed how harry's wife phoned continously all hours of the day and night to get somebody out to relieve harry of the pain he was in. Harry did eventually recieve the morphine he needed but was told that it may not be enough for him and he will probably run out. Harry died a few days later at home peacefully with his wife the unfotuante fact is that they had to put up fight in the first place when the end of life process should have been stress-free, painless and peacefully with his family all around him spending the most precious moments with him.

The last case was about annie who is not very mobile and should of had palletive care there most days to make it easier on annie and she couldn't do too much for herself, she did have a very good friend who helped her as much as she could and who annie could depend on but it wasn't enough. Annie was in a care home who could not provide the care she needed so she found a nursing home who could give her the right care, unfortuantly it was 6 months before annie moved and in the meantime she was slowly deteriorating.

In all three cases the care they recieved was appalling, no one showed any compassion and it was very distressing for all three patience to go through.


I've found a charity that helps those at the end of their lives and gives them the care they need they are called sue ryder im sure you may of heard of them before if not i will post a link at the end of the post. The reason for this post is to make other people aware of what's going on behind closed doors and to show you that it doesn't have to be that way.

A Little bit about  the Sue ryder charity

Sue ryder offer indivualised, compassionate care services to people with end of life and long-term needs. They offer this in people's own homes, in the community and in their hospices and care centres.

Sue Ryder Care is a national charity providing health and social care services in local communities.

  • 4 million hours of care each year
  • 1.4 million home visits to people in need
  • One of the largest providers of specialist palliative care in the UK
  • Over 100,000 days of long-term residential care each year
  • 6,000 volunteers support our work

If you would like to know more on them check out the link you can also make a donation via the website.


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