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My Little Lovlies

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

30 day challange: Day 4: About your family

hmm okay where to start...I have my mum & my stepdad & my step brother(18) &  my brother(18) & my sister(9) who all live in cambridge (i live in essex) & then my elder sister(24) who lives in notttingham. My dad also lives in cambridge with my stepmum & i have a half brother who also lives in cambridge and a step sister and i think i have 2 more step brothers also in cambridge. I then have my fiance & his mum,dad and sister & charlie (dog) who i also class as family as ive known them since i was 17 (now 22) and have helped me grow up and have cared for me and helped me out when i needed it and hopefully in three years time when me and my other half get married they will actually be my family :) 

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