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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Shopping For Bargains!

I adore shopping like most girls!! this weekend i decided to go in town and have a look around as i still have christmas/birthday vouchers. I don't usually go in Next as i find the prices a bit to steep, but i had some vouchers for there from christmas. I looked around at the clothes couldnt find nothing then i came across the cosmetic section and i smelt a few perfumes but nothing i really liked then i saw some lip gloss, i don't usually wear lipgloss i prefer lipstick but the colour was gorgeous and what's more it's cherry flavoured there were no testers so i just brought it! I'm so happy i brought it, the colours great and the smell is delicious! & best of all it's not sticky! i really reccomend this product! :)

Get the look for runway Next RRP £2.50

Now my second buy is my favourite it's a bargain!! so if your like me & you can't afford a Pandora Bracelet, i have the next best thing & it won't break the bank. It's my best buy this year so far!
This is the one i've brought
This ones on the website- link below
Ok so for the price... RRP Next £10!!! Yes really! Don't believe me?
:) very happy shopper this weekend i hope to find some more bargains soon to share with you! Leave a comment & tell me what's been your favourite buy this year im always on a look out for bargains!!

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