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My Little Lovlies

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

R.I.P Grandad

On the 14th january 2009 (2days after my birthday) my grandad passed away in a hospital in derby, i knew he was very unwell with pneumonia but unfortuantly i was unable to visit him as he was so far away. :(

Growing up my grandad was a big part of my life every summer we would go to blackpool where he and and my step-nan Carol owned a guest house. i used to get so excited on the journey up there from cambridge with my parents and brother and sisters playing eye spy in the car. i remember this one time i got too over excited, climbed up my slide in the back garden fell off and gave myself a nose bleed but i was too excited to even care i'd hurt myself i just wanted to go on holiday and see my grandparents.

When we arrived in blackpool we would be greeted by my grandad and carol, i love the guest house it felt very homely and the rooms we stayed in were lovely, there were loads more guests there and we used to eat our meals with them but after instead of going up to our room or going out like they did we was allowed in the sitting room which was for family only :) i remember one time my mum brought us casper the ghost on video and we all sat down to watch it unfortuanly it was a scam copy so we dint actually get to see it in the end but it was nice just to sit around with the family.

In 2008 my grandad came to stay in cambridge over christmas by then i was living in southend with my other half and was working in a beauty wholesalers, i asked work if i could have the day before christmas eve off to get to cambridge in time for christmas to see my granddad who was commin down they declined my request i was gutted i hadn't seen my granddad for atleast 5-6 years & the last time i saw him was at my cousins funeral so it wasn't a good circumstance and i dint see him for long. Anyways then after christmas my elder sister who lived near my grandad told me that had been admitted to hospital and was quite ill i knew he'd had throat cancer for a few years but she said it was pneumonia i was shocked but she said she'd let me know how he was and update me when she could, i couldnt get down to derby and felt really bad that i wasn't able to visit, my sister caught a cold and stayed away from the hospital for a few days as she dint want to make my grandad any worse, she asked the nurses to ring her if anything happend, she rang them in the afernoon on the 14th jan to check how he was but was told he had passed away, she was extremely upset that no one rang her to let her know and she had to ring up herself, she rang my mum then my mum rang me, i remember the day and time it was on the 14th jan 2009 around 2.00pm i got the phone call i was in pub with my other half ordering a meal for my birthday 2 days before.

What hurts the most is that i never got to say goodbye to my grandad the last time i saw him was my cousins funeral 5 years previous i never thought the next funeral i'd be going to would be his! i still feel extremely guilty that i din't see him one last time and i think about him alot the other week on the 19th febuary was his birthday and i could'nt stop crying, i love my grandad dearly and im so upset i never got to tell him that.

my poem for my Grand-dad

I am so sad i dint have the chance to say good-bye

Now you're up there in the sky

I hope when you look down

You see me and i am making you proud

Even though you are gone

In my heart you will always belong

My memories of you will never fade away

I shall see you again someday <3

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