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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Model Agency

Hmm..don't know what to think of this documentry bit strange how close annie is acting towards india i don't find it very professional..inida is just 16 years old she's not even an adult yet and yes it's an amazing oppertunity to be a super model and get wisked of away to see new places but it's obviously too much pressure on a 16 year old she's still in school, I like the way india has her head on her shoulders and is not just thinking about money and fame. There are not alot of 16 year old's out there that would turn a blind eye to modelling. Sometimes fame & money isnt for everyone, there's to much pressure to look good and they can't live a normal life. I have read some many articles on celebraties that have gone into rehab because they can't handle the attention. The girls & guys that model have to look after there bodies & health and have to give up normal things like hanging out with friends. In the society we are in now there is so much pressure on everyone to look good to be accepted i see young girls walking down the street in groups of friends wearing make-up & high heels & some of them even wear very innappriate clothes. I think children should be children and not have to worry about how they look. I feel india has made the right choice for herself, she's beautiful so give her 2-3 years when she's become a women and who knows. Please leave comments below on how you felt about the show if you have not watched it check it out here >>>>>>>http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-model-agency/4od#3163922

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