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Friday, 25 February 2011

My top 5 programmes on at the moment

5 . corination street (itv) - okay so i love my soaps and corri has earnt 5th place in my top programmes at the moment i love the story lines and how they mirror our everyday lives its a good easy viewing and you can get a bit of a laugh out of some of the story lines. There are some lovable and hatable character's and we all love a bitch on our telly e.g. Tracy barlow!! To me it's a soap that has me glued to the tv!! http://www.itv.com/coronationstreet/

4. waterloo road (bbc1)- This is a bbc drama about school kids..dont sound much exciting does it..well let me tell you a bit more.. ok so you have your teachers and you students you know what it was like in school, we never listened to our teacher, we played up & we thought we were funny & did things to make the other students laugh..well this programme eloborates on this but there's a it more micheif & some of the stroy lines are quite shocking but overall its a great programme and theres always that learning curve in it where someone does something wrong but realised what they've done.. anyway im not doing the programme much justice..check out for your selves... http://www.waterlooroad.co.uk/

3. Marchlands (itv) im in the middle of watching this loving the story line im not quite sure what's going on though just yet lol, there are 3 seperate eras the 1960's where ruth & paul bowens daughter tragically drowns (alice) the 1980's with helen and eddie maynard who lives in the marchlands 20 years later with their daughter amy and son scott, amys has been seein alice and tells her parents but they take her to a therapist, and the last era is the present day with nisha and mark moving into the marchlands nisha pregnant and after a series of events in the marchlands she names the baby alice thats all im gonna say you really have to watch the gripping story line! next weeks 3rd march 2011 is the last episode!! http://http://www.itv.com/dramapremieres/marchlands/

2. Skins (E4) I have followed all the skin episodes and now on skins 5 its a really great drama for 18+ it is very sexual with alot of strong language but some very hot characters in it,. It is a bafta winning teen drama based in bristol with story lines such as alcohol & drug misuse, eating disorders, sexual orientation and even death. check it out >>>>>>http://http://www.e4.com/skins/

Drum roll please... "
1. Eastenders(bbc1)"Okay so there is alot of shouting and screaming and the storyline on kat & alfie's baby was a bit shocking but i cant help but love eastenders. EastEnders has won six BAFTA Awards, and has won the Inside Soap Award for 'Best Soap' for ten years running, as well as eleven National Television Awards for 'Most Popular Serial Drama' and eight awards for 'Best Soap' at the British Soap Awards. The storylines are so life like & again it's easy viewing a very entertaining & gives you a few giggles!

So that sums up my top 5 programmes at the moment please feel free to comment and share with me your top 5 with reasons why! hope you enjoyed the read! have a nice day :) xx

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