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Monday, 11 April 2011

Weightloss Diary continued

Breakfast: A low fat strawberry yoghurt

Lunch: 3 rivitas with 1/2 tin of tuna and sweetcorn + a fruit salad (grapes,kiwi,melon)

Dinner: jacket potatoe (with little bit of low fat butter) (medium) lightchoices chicken korma with rice + a weightwatchers dessert yoghurt (rasberry tart)

Snacks: a handful from my graze box (wellbeing) bout 3 or 4 of each punnet containing: coconut coins,banana,raisins + figs apples and cranberries+ pineapple,gojis and macadamias+hazels,walnuts,almonds.

Drinks: 250ml of diet coke x2 + 1 & a 1/2 cup of tea +1/2 cup of coffee (semi skimmed milk.

Exercise: 10 mins walking

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