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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Kirsty's Weightloss Diary

I have a lot of reasons to why i need/want to lose weight so i've decided to do a weightloss diary to help keep me on track and to update other's on how i am getting on. So i'm going to be honest in this diary because it's the only way i'm gonna be successful. I am going to try and update the blog every two weeks as i will weigh myself every two weeks i will include my weight and a brief diary of what i have eaten and exercise i have done. please leave me any comments/feedback...

Start Weight: 15st 12lbs

Target weight: 11st

Weightloss target: 4st 10lbs

Time limit: 03/03/2011-03/03/2012 ( 1 Year)

first day 3/3/11

Not the best start to the diet i started a new job on the same day so was a bit hectic and forgot my lunch so had a late one.

Breakfast: 07.00 half a bowl of cornflakes - semi-skimmed milk

Lunch: 16:45: Chicken breast & mini rivita minis+A pear

Dinner: 19:30 Light choice spag bowl + Activa yoghurt (raspberry)+ Weightwatchers Mini cookies per pack = 2 (toffee)

Drinks: Cup of tea x2 with semi-skimmed milk + 1 sweetner+Lemonade x1 cup (diet)

Exercise - walking= 20 mins (to & from work)

Not too bad think i snacked too much but thats beacause i dint eat my lunch till late but i've prepared my lunch for tomorrow :)

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