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My Little Lovlies

Friday, 4 March 2011

Weightloss Diary continued

I feel i have done better today :)


Breakfast 06:45 - A pear

Lunch 11:00- 6 crackers(18cals each) with a small spread of philidelphia light and a pack (per pack =2)  of weightwatchers cookies (toffee) 

Dinner: Light choice meal beef lasanga + a jacket potatoe with light spread+Salad with x2 teaspoons of salad cream

Snacks: A pear, a activia yoghurt (peach)

Drinks: 500ml of sugar free orange + 500ml of diet coke(bottle) +250ml of diet coke (can) + tea with 1 sweetner and semi-skimmed milk x2

Exercise = 20 min walking

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