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Sunday, 6 March 2011

My Top Tips For Weight loss

I have only just started my healthy eating again but back in 08/09 i lost over 3 stone but i've put it all back on so i am losing it again, here are some weight loss tips that have helped me. I've included some photos at the end of this post of me before i lost weight and then once i lost the weight xx

Tip 1. For a healthy sweet snack eat hartleys sugar free jelly you get a variety of flavours and each pot is 10 cals or under e.g rasberry= 8cals!!!

Tip 2: If like me you get bored easily and tend to snack on the wrong things check out http://www.graze.co.uk/ you can chose what kind of box you want and when it's delivered. They have a promotion at the moment where the first box is half price, the boxes are usually £3.49 each!!! really handy and saves you from reaching for sweets/chocolates and other junk food! I have just ordered the wellbeing box which is the strictest plan and i'm currently grazing on the eatwell box - very nutritious. I can't afford it weekly so i get a box a month, there is no subscription and you can cancel when you like! Highly reccomend for all you snackers out there!!!

Tip 3: If you do purchase a graze box after you've eaten the delicious snacks by graze you can refill the punnetts with healthy snacks of your choice. I brought some raisins from morrisons £1.09 for a box of 12 you get three different flavours Raisins &Apricot, Sultanas & Apple + Raisins & Sultanas. If you don't like raisins chose a healthy snack of your choice.

Tip 4: Freeze Grapes to make a healthy ice-lolly.

Tip 5: Use a smaller plate when eating meals to make you think your eating more than you actually are and use a smaller cutlery like a teaspoon where possible as this makes you eat in smaller portions and you will feel full up quicker.

Hope This Helps

Me before diet

me during diet (13weeks into diet) 

Me after 6 months of diet

& me now (in the last few months)

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