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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Weightloss Diary continued

Day 8

Breakfast - Nothing =/ Dint have anything at mine to eat.

Lunch: 5 crackers with light philidelphia cheese and a slice of cucumber on top cut into quarters

Dinner: salmon filletx2(small) jacket pototatoe + salad + 1 teaspoon of salad cream

Snacks: Pack weightwatchers cookies (a pack=2 cookies) + raisins (small box)

Drinks: 500ml of diet coke (bottle) 250ml diet coke (can)

Exercise: 10 mins walking + general house duties (heavy load)



Rachel said...

Hi Kirsty,
Love your blog and food diary. I lost lots of weight 2 years ago on a diet almost identical to yours but I started to put some back on so I'm back on it again :)!
It's better this time knowing what I can achieve and I'm sure it's the same for you.
Good luck for this weeks weigh in,
Rachel x

baby_angel_princess said...

hey rachel thank you for your comment :) how much did you lose 2 years ago? and how much do u weigh now? how long have u been on ur diet this time round hun? thankyou il keep u posted on my blog! xx

Rachy said...

I can't believe I didn't weigh myself before - I couldn't really face it, but I dropped 4 sizes to a 12 :) I'm now at 11'13 (started around 20th Jan at 13'6)and aiming for about 8'5-9 so I have a long way to go! I just love food and put weight on too easily :D Well done on your amazing loss this week xx

baby_angel_princess said...

hey rachel,wow well done keep going u can do it, i know its very had when you love food lol i went to a party on saturday but was really good i dint eat anything :) thankyou hun im hopin to lose 2lbs this week :) thanks for ur support means alot :) xx

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