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Monday, 23 May 2011

Funkydivva Review

I recieved an email last week from funkydivva thanking me for using their 15% discount code on my blog, and as a thankyou i could chose anything from their website to review. I looked on www.funkydivva.com and found a gorgeous pink maxi dress i thought as its summer & the colour is different to what i usually wear i would review it.

I'l be honest i thought the dress was going to take a while to arrive but to my surprise i had a parcel this morning opened and it and saw the dress i immideatly tried it on partly cause i wanted to see if a 14 fitted me as im losing weight and i was very happy when it nearly did apart from an inch of the zip dint do up on my back however the clasp did.

The dress was what i saw on the websites and it's is great condition no wear or tears no stains, the only difference was the bust is a sequin material where as i thought it would be a softer material, so i think if someone with a big bust was to wear the dress and they are a size 14 this dress wouldnt be for them as the size in this particular dress only goes up to a size 14, i tired the dress on with no bra and it almost fitted so with a bra i don't the zip would of gone up as far as it did, the dress itself wasnt tight around the waist and its a beautiful length down to the ankles, so it would be ideal for summer bbqs and i would defiently reccommend wearing it a summer wedding. overall i would rate the dress 8/10.

Heres the link to the actual dress:  http://www.funkydivaa.com/strapless-chiffon-maxi-dress-in-cerise-p-705.html

Here a few pics of the dress.

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