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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Week 11 weigh in

Week 11

Week 10: 13st 6lbs

Week 11: 13st 4lbs

Weightloss for week 11: 2lbs :)

Total weightloss so far: 36lbs (2st 8lbs)

Wohoo :) i've eaten alot this week not unhealthy but just too much (or so i thought) so wasnt hoping for a big weightloss but after 11 weeks im still losing 1lb - 2lb a week on average :0) makes me so happy and it's so worth it, ive upped my exercise again :) i really enjoy what i eat as well like the chicken and stirfrys are so delicious i just eat with a smaller plate than the rest of my fiance's family as it tricks me into thinking iv'e eaten alot more than i should be, If you would like to know any more tips or or ask me any questions about my weightloss please feel free to do so, i want to inspire other people :) just leave a comment below or email me: xxkirst_89xx@hotmail.com

Kirsty xx

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