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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Weightloss Diary Week 12 weigh in

Week 12 weigh in

Week 11: 13st 4lbs

Week 12: 13st 2lbs

Weightloss for week 12: 2lbs :) :) :)

Total weightloss so far: 2st 10lbs = 38lbs :)

Week 13 target: 1-2lbs

Very happy this week ive lost another 2lbs really enoying my healthy eating to feel so much better for it and love my clothes getting looser :)

Again if you would like to ask me any questions or contact me please leave a comment or send an email to: xxkirst_89xx@hotmail.com

Kirsty x


Peach said...

I was just looking for some healthy diet to follow! your blog's really interesting and well done! :)

baby_angel_princess said...

hi, hope my blog really helps you hun, thankyou so much its great to hear people spurring me on :) if you want any tips/help feel free to ask! x

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